Welcome to Theodio

Theodio is where we bring classic theology to life through original audio production, commentary, and insight. It’s old wisdom in new ways for a new generation.

Theodio (theology + audio) began as a gift in 2014.  My pastor’s birthday was approaching. I wanted to give him a thoughtful gift. Several times he had mentioned how much he loved the sermon “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection” by Thomas Chalmers, an English Puritan. I’m also an audiobook narrator, so I decided to create an original recording for him. You can hear it for free on SoundCloud.

My pastor loved the recording, and I loved creating it. So I made another, of Jonathan Edwards’ “A Divine and Supernatural Light.” It’s also available free.

I loved bringing these works of classic theology into the present through audio, and I wondered who else might be doing it. As it turned out, hardly anyone was. And that’s when I realized what I had to do.

Theodio brings classic theology to life

I believe there are three reasons why people don’t read classic theological works.

  1. They don’t think they have enough time to devote to these books.
  2. They find the deep concepts and sometimes archaic language and references difficult and intimidating.
  3. They don’t believe these works are relevant to 21st-century western life.

My goal with Theodio is to overcome these barriers through three solutions.

  1. Blog post series, such as our initial series through Thomas Brooks’ Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices. These articles break down and discuss classic works using plain language and modern analogies, offering practical application and insight.
  2. The podcast and original audiobooks (coming soon!) that provide another medium through which we can experience these resources.
  3. Study guides (also on the horizon) that provide individuals and groups a modern channel for learning and applying old wisdom in new ways.

Theodio is a journey

I’m not an expert on classic theology. But as I explore these rich resources for the first time, I’m asking you to join me on my journey. My hope is that, as we learn together, Theodio will become your premier destination for encountering classic theology in rich community.

About the creator

Dan Kassis is a solo entrepreneur, content marketer, writer and editor living with his family in Middle Tennessee. His career in web content management began in 1999 and has included work in the publishing, automotive, and healthcare industries.

Besides managing Theodio, Dan has narrated 15 titles for Audible, most of which are self-produced. He has also helped dozens of clients with custom resumes and cover letters, edited published books, and provided editorial and copywriting services for freelance web clients.

Dan is the voice of the 2020 Gospel Coalition podcast, Read the Bible. The daily devotional is based on the book For the Love of God, Vol. 1, by D.A. Carson.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, TV, and Film from California State University at Northridge, and a Master of Ministry degree from Temple Baptist Seminary. He enjoys drumming, running, cooking, great books and films, and excellent coffee.