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Theodio brings classic theology to life. Rediscover timeless wisdom in a new way, for a new generation. Hear the voices of old masters, speaking to you through original audio production, commentary, and insight.

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Read the blog series on the book Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices by Thomas Brooks. Gain fresh insight on this timeless work at your own pace, one post at a time. Share your thoughts in a comment. We can't wait to hear what you're learning.

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A rich, unabridged, original recording that brings this classic work to life.

Precious Remedies is a compendium of tactics for recognizing, avoiding, and defeating the snares the great enemy of Christians and Christianity lays for his victims.

What we have in Precious Remedies is a supremely pastoral work. Brooks’s great love for his flock bleeds through every page. For these reasons, the book’s legacy extends far beyond its time of writing. It offers the keys to spiritual warfare and growth to readers across the ages.

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"Theodio is a gift, translating and applying 17th century writing into our contemporary life."

- Clark M.

I have enjoyed the insightful and down-to-earth messages on Theodio. The passion for making deep truths relatable are clearly evident and have both encouraged me and taught me.

- Andy P.